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Target Customers

Advertising on Search Engines puts your business in front of customers that are specifically looking for your products or services at the exact time they are ready to take action.

Test Branding Ideas

Search Marketing allows you to test new marketing ideas and products at a low cost. Find out how people respond to different branding and advertisement messages before launching a full marketing campaign.

Increase ROI

Get immediate feedback on advertising with Search Analytics. Find out what’s working and what’s not and how to increase your return on investment.

We Specialize in and Local Search Marketing

B2B-Internet-Marketing-Strategy-Keywords-iconGreat marketing is all about finding customers that are willing and able to purchase your products or services. The great thing about search marketing is that you are only targeting those people. Search marketing only puts your business in front of customers that are searching for you. For this reason you don’t have to worry about spending money on people that are not a good fit for your business. Search marketing can produce significant returns on investment however, it can seem complex for businesses to navigate through. This is where MarketVase can help.

As a digital marketing company we focus specifically on search marketing. Even further we specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC) and local search marketing.

Local search marketing simply means optimizing your business’s online presence so that those in your geographical area can find your business online easier. Another very effective form of local search is PPC marketing, which involves placing paid ads on search results that specifically describe your offering. If you would like to learn more about how search marketing can increase your business request a demo.

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Local SEO vs Traditional SEO: Which is Right for You?

There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings between the difference of local and traditional SEO. While this will not be an exhaustive explanation it will be helpful to talk about some of the primary differentiating factors. We have spoken some in the past about the different types of search marketing, and have traditionally broken it up into two separate categories: Paid Search and Organic Search Marketing. Local Search Engine Marketing would fall under the umbrella of Organic Search, although some marketers may indeed place it into a category of its own. Local Search Marketing is unique primarily because there is a designated spot on the search result page to display local listings. On Google this designated area is usually just above the normal search results. This allows businesses to get coverage on the first page of Google for keywords that they otherwise might not be able to rank for. Local listings can also display some additional helpful information that normals listings won’t like business phone number, address, and even customer reviews. The primary difference is that local search listings are based around a physical place where as the traditional search listings may not be associated with an actual physical place at all. Traditional organic listings are simply based around web content, for example a businesses website alone. You will only find places with a store front that you can physically drive to under the local listings. So what’s going on when a company has a listing in both search results. It simply means that both there physical location and their online location (their website) is receiving good search... read more

Is PPC Right For My Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a bit of a complex medium for new businesses and startups to grasp. Often business owners go to a conference and hear so many acronyms (SEO, PPC, SEM) that they are overwhelmed. They are told that to be successful their business should be doing all of these things as well as engaging in about 10 different social media sites. If you have a small number of employees in your business, or if you are the only employee there are just not enough hours in the day to complete all of these tasks. Furthermore, trying to engage in all of these online mediums will likely leave you not doing any of them very well. In reality some marketing and advertising mediums are right businesses at different stages and some really may not be that important. PPC advertising is certainly not exempt from that analogy. However, it is important for business owners to understand what PPC can really offer in relation to other marketing mediums. If you are unfamiliar with PPC advertising chances are you actually engage, or at least see these ads on a daily basis. Every time you do a search on Google or another Search engine you will see a series of text ads at the top or over at the side. These text ads are usually differentiated from the other normal search results in some way. Essentially these businesses are paying to have their products placed in front of people every time they search for a particular keyword. However, they will not actually have to pay anything until you click... read more

What SEO Is NOT, Clarifying Search Marketing

There is so much mis-guided information on the internet about what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how your business should use it. In all actuality the term SEO itself is a bit misleading. The days are long gone when you can make a few edits to your website’s code and miraculously rank number one on a highly competitive search term. The term SEO was born in a time when search engines looked very different than the way they do today. The internet as a whole was still being defined and “I’ll Google It” was not yet the phrase people used. Initially the technology that search engines like Google and Yahoo used to rank websites was much less advanced. They primarily relied on the words that were typed out on a webpage to tell them how relevant it was to a particular search term. However this method of sorting through websites led to a great deal of webpages being deceptive of what they were actually about. Clever tricks were invented to game the search engines. Some of these tricks worked and some would cause a website more harm than good. Understanding the ins and outs of what worked and didn’t work became complex enough that the industry of Search Engine Optimization was born. Fast forward a couple decades and search engines have come a long way. In fact, optimizing the code on your website is now only a small part of what it takes to perform well on search engines. It is much more about actually marketing your website in the right way and making sure you create useful... read more
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