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Target Customers

Advertising on Search Engines puts your business in front of customers that are specifically looking for your products or services at the exact time they are ready to take action.

Test Branding Ideas

Search Marketing allows you to test new marketing ideas and products at a low cost. Find out how people respond to different branding and advertisement messages before launching a full marketing campaign.

Increase ROI

Get immediate feedback on advertising with Search Analytics. Find out what’s working and what’s not and how to increase your return on investment.

We Specialize in and Local Search Marketing

B2B-Internet-Marketing-Strategy-Keywords-iconGreat marketing is all about finding customers that are willing and able to purchase your products or services. The great thing about search marketing is that you are only targeting those people. Search marketing only puts your business in front of customers that are searching for you. For this reason you don’t have to worry about spending money on people that are not a good fit for your business. Search marketing can produce significant returns on investment however, it can seem complex for businesses to navigate through. This is where MarketVase can help.

As a digital marketing company we focus specifically on search marketing. Even further we specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC) and local search marketing.

Local search marketing simply means optimizing your business’s online presence so that those in your geographical area can find your business online easier. Another very effective form of local search is PPC marketing, which involves placing paid ads on search results that specifically describe your offering. If you would like to learn more about how search marketing can increase your business request a demo.

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10 Step Guide To Get Started With PPC Advertising

If you were going to buy a billboard on the highway, you would probably do a little bit of research first. After all, you want it to be successful. Think of a pay per click ad as the billboard of the Internet. You are paying to get your sign up there, so you want to make sure it is working. Before you start throwing #ppc ads up all over the Internet highway, do a little research to truly optimize your PPC efforts. 10 Ways to Start Improving ROI on PPC Have a Goal in Mind. If you were to invest in a billboard, you would have a clear goal. Correct? “Stop by my store.” Or “Start using my product.” When you start a PPC campaign, you need to do the same thing. Do you want the viewer to fill out a form? Buy a product? Visit your website? These are questions you need to answer before you start advertising. Have a Budget. When you decide you want to use billboards, you likely do not call up a salesperson and say, “I want signs. Throw some up, and bill me.” Instead, you set a budget. Your PPC campaign should have one too. Go into your campaign knowing how much you are willing to spend so that you are not spending more on advertising than you are making in return. Pick Your Exact Keywords. You would not want to advertise your mom and pop business located in Kansas in NYC. Instead, you would buy a billboard on the highway right by your store. When you use exact, targeted keywords, you are... read more

Developing a Winning SEO Content Strategy

One of the questions I am asked most often about SEO is “How can I do better in organic search results”? The answer to that question is always by developing a winning content strategy. SEO today is actually much less about optimization and much more about simply developing amazing content that people need and can relate to. People throughout the last decade have heard so many different things about what it takes to be successful with search marketing that they are not really sure what to believe. Also, things have simply just changed a lot in Internet marketing over the last decade. In the past, links for seo was more about tricking the search engines to make them think you were more relevant than you actually were. Are there still loopholes to exploit today? Perhaps, but the truth is, even if you are able to it is really not worth the effort. Your results will be temporary, could cause more harm than good in the long run, and is likely to take more effort than doing it correctly. Building Content for Search Engines and Users So how does one go about developing a winning content strategy for search engines? Well you start by designing amazing content for your customers or readers. Addressing a specific niche within a certain market is always a good idea. Doing well with search marketing is really exactly like building a successful business. You start by developing a product or service that is specifically tailored to a niche group of people. You design your product and your business in such a way that it appeals... read more

Learn On-page SEO for WordPress

If you are using WordPress for your Content Management System (CMS) then you need to know how to properly optimize it for search engines.  WordPress is pretty great at SEO out of the box, but there are some things we can do to improve upon it.  We certainly recommend WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) of choice especially for websites and blogs focused around creating great content.  At the end of the day that’s what all of us should be focusing on right! I realize there are different arguments for different CMS’s.  We actually wrote a great post highlighting the different advantages of different open-source CMS that you can read through if you like, Content Management Systems Explained.  However, WordPress is super easy to use and it’s what we like. Great SEO WordPress plugins When creating a new blog post of web page one of the things most people like to do, and we suggest, is creating a custom meta title and meta description for that page. This allows you to specify to Google what your post/page is about. It also allows you to be in control of the first messaging that readers are going to see about your website.  If you don’t write a custom description then Google will automatically generate one for you from the text on your page.  Although this may seem easier, you may not like the text that Google chooses to represent your page. Therefore we recommend installing a plugin that helps you manage this information on your website.  We like to use a plugin called “All In One SEO Pack”.  There are... read more
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