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Target Customers

Advertising on Search Engines puts your business in front of customers that are specifically looking for your products or services at the exact time they are ready to take action.

Test Branding Ideas

Search Marketing allows you to test new marketing ideas and products at a low cost. Find out how people respond to different branding and advertisement messages before launching a full marketing campaign.

Increase ROI

Get immediate feedback on advertising with Search Analytics. Find out what’s working and what’s not and how to increase your return on investment.

We Specialize in and Local Search Marketing

B2B-Internet-Marketing-Strategy-Keywords-iconGreat marketing is all about finding customers that are willing and able to purchase your products or services. The great thing about search marketing is that you are only targeting those people. Search marketing only puts your business in front of customers that are searching for you. For this reason you don’t have to worry about spending money on people that are not a good fit for your business. Search marketing can produce significant returns on investment however, it can seem complex for businesses to navigate through. This is where MarketVase can help.

As a digital marketing company we focus specifically on search marketing. Even further we specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC) and local search marketing.

Local search marketing simply means optimizing your business’s online presence so that those in your geographical area can find your business online easier. Another very effective form of local search is PPC marketing, which involves placing paid ads on search results that specifically describe your offering. If you would like to learn more about how search marketing can increase your business request a demo.

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Adwords Quality Score Explained And How To Improve It

For those who are involved within the world of Pay per click marketing and search marketing, it will be a common occurrence to hear people talking of the power of being able to advertise on Google. This is done via Google Ads and provides everyone with a chance to make a living out of the internet – by driving traffic to a website in exchange for an agreed price per click, Google Ads marketing is the perfect way to find new clients and keep a website flying high on the market. The problem is that just like #seo and other typical search marketing systems, we have no real way of gaming the system or enforcing a consistently high stream of clicks. To make sure that any Google Ads are being recognized and checked out by people all across the globe, it has to be considered high on the #adwords Quality Score. This is a test carried out by Google themselves to see if the advertisement ticks several boxes along the way. Getting the right plan and the right idea is vital for anyone looking to benefit from this specific form of search marketing, but it requires a strong knowledge of AdWords. How Are AdWords Scores Developed? Like any other kind of search marketing, #ppc uses a fair ranking system to give every website a chance to be spotted and to grow in quality and in number. The three main considerations that come into any kind of development of a quality score include; The relevance of the ad itself – what does it have to do with what is being... read more

5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing strategies are of the utmost importance. When you’re talking about #seo for small businesses, you have to know what is going to work as a way of helping you to increase visibility of your business and what will connect with consumers so they are interested in what you have to offer. This Tampa online marketing agency explains everything that you’d need in order to achieve success as an online brand. There are many ways to improve your digital content marketing as a way of helping your business online. We have included five of the ways below to help you make some changes to the way you market your business. #1: Find More Keywords Search marketing needs to be considered. People are going to search using a wide array of keywords – and you may want to find some of the more untapped keywords so you are not competing with large corporations. You don’t have the time or money as a small business owner to go up against the corporations who are targeting the same keywords. Reddit has been defined as a goldmine for keyword research. People are discussing so many topics and as you read through the discussions to find some keywords that people are using that you had never even thought of. The search results will prove to be invaluable for you. #2: Find Link Prospects There are link prospects out there on a variety of bookmarking sites, including When there is shared content within your niche, it can prove to be helpful because you will be able to have your content on more links... read more

What Does Duplicate Content Mean for SEO?

For many small businesses, dealing with the problem of duplicate content has become an issue they come across more regularly than they have in the past. Duplicate content is effectively parts of content which is either identical in style or far too similar not to have at least some relevance. Whilst this might worry some people that a similar topic could be construed as duplicate content, the margins are actually far more diverse. When it comes to search marketing and #seo for your business, though, you need to be able to understand what duplicate content is going to mean for you. The Best Practices for Duplicate Content The first thing that you need to get your head around then is the fact that using duplicate content will severely hamper your business. If you have too much content on a web page there is a good chance that you might not even get ranked in the first place. This is a problem for those who have just been re-publishing and re-posting content from other popular pages and blogs; whilst you were giving them credit for the post, today Google is going to hit you pretty hard for doing this. Therefore, when it comes to SEO for small businesses it’s best to re-create all of that content so it’s unique whilst still giving the credit to the website. Alternatively, we could create a small piece of unique commentary about that piece and then link back to it – this creates further discussion, and is a great tactic when it comes to SEO for small businesses. We are creating traction with bigger... read more
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