Adwords Quality Score Explained And How To Improve It

Learn to optimize your Google quality scoreFor those who are involved within the world of Pay per click marketing and search marketing, it will be a common occurrence to hear people talking of the power of being able to advertise on Google. This is done via Google Ads and provides everyone with a chance to make a living out of the internet – by driving traffic to a website in exchange for an agreed price per click, Google Ads marketing is the perfect way to find new clients and keep a website flying high on the market.

The problem is that just like and other typical search marketing systems, we have no real way of gaming the system or enforcing a consistently high stream of clicks.

To make sure that any Google Ads are being recognized and checked out by people all across the globe, it has to be considered high on the Quality Score. This is a test carried out by Google themselves to see if the advertisement ticks several boxes along the way.

Getting the right plan and the right idea is vital for anyone looking to benefit from this specific form of search marketing, but it requires a strong knowledge of AdWords.

How Are AdWords Scores Developed?

Like any other kind of search marketing, uses a fair ranking system to give every website a chance to be spotted and to grow in quality and in number. The three main considerations that come into any kind of development of a quality score include;

  • The relevance of the ad itself – what does it have to do with what is being offered provided?
  • The quality of the landing page; where visitors will be taken when they click on the PPC ad
  • The keywords being used, their quality overall and the volume of bids they receive

However, there is far more to getting a high AdWords quality score than just having the right SEO platform put in place – it takes far more than just making things relevant, too. In fact, AdWords quality score listings break down into more dynamic information such as the click-through rate. This means that if an AdWords campaign is built around really complex keywords it can be a real challenge to successfully rank and get a top quality ranking score for AdWords campaigns.

AdWords and SEO

One thing we always need to remind ourselves when using AdWords and trying to advertise on Google is that the quality score is always being created based on the exact match search queries that are received. This means that using very broad and generic keywords will kill the chances of success in most circumstances. Put simply, the advert itself will be too basic in scope to be able to accurately reach those who actually need what it is looking for.

Another thing to consider is that AdWords and SEO for small businesses are more or less interlinked – if we are running a poor PPC campaign with AdWords then it can come back to hurt you in other areas of your business, too.

Having a strong and performance AdWords account, though, can pay huge dividends in the future as it will ensure that future campaigns will be received more positively, at a faster rate. So long as the campaigns you run are managed intelligently and ethically, it won’t take as long in the future to find success.

Improving A Google Ads Quality Score

Now that we know what makes it hard to manage a high level of quality score, we need to look at how SEO for small businesses can be improved from a PPC point of view. After all, each click will be costing so it’s vital that we can make a strong solution to keep those quality score levels improving and ensuring that both current and future gigs are going to be ranked and approved as quickly as possible. Here are just some tips that we would personally use on any AdWords account to try and get it for consistent success;

  • Always ensure that new campaigns are coming – the last thing any business needs is a slowdown. The bad performances always need to be outweighed so if a poor campaign is released it has to be countered, and quickly, with a legitimate and strong campaign instead. Good performers being released time and time again will make a significant difference to the damage that any smaller packages could have caused
  • The location is vital when it comes to optimization – ensure that the relevance of the location and the actual products you are offering or selling are going to be as close together as possible. Remember, every single ad is going to count towards the overall strength of any AdWords campaigns that we decide to run
  • Last of all; consider ensuring that only brand campaigns are made live – at least before any of the other non-branding campaigns are put up. Branding campaigns are far easier to get traction with in terms of clicks and results, and this will obviously benefit the rest of the campaigns that are created in the future by giving them a stronger starting point

Being able to manage things like the quality score of AdWords is a real challenge – it’s not something that we can expect to just happen like. With millions of competitors out there, creating a consistent and progressive PPC marketing strategy is going to pay dividends in the long run.