5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Content Marketing

search marketingDigital content marketing strategies are of the utmost importance. When you’re talking about for small businesses, you have to know what is going to work as a way of helping you to increase visibility of your business and what will connect with consumers so they are interested in what you have to offer. This Tampa online marketing agency explains everything that you’d need in order to achieve success as an online brand.

There are many ways to improve your digital content marketing as a way of helping your business online. We have included five of the ways below to help you make some changes to the way you market your business.

#1: Find More Keywords

Search marketing needs to be considered. People are going to search using a wide array of keywords – and you may want to find some of the more untapped keywords so you are not competing with large corporations. You don’t have the time or money as a small business owner to go up against the corporations who are targeting the same keywords. Reddit has been defined as a goldmine for keyword research. People are discussing so many topics and as you read through the discussions to find some keywords that people are using that you had never even thought of. The search results will prove to be invaluable for you.

#2: Find Link Prospects

There are link prospects out there on a variety of bookmarking sites, including Delicious.com. When there is shared content within your niche, it can prove to be helpful because you will be able to have your content on more links and this can help you to increase your links for the purposes of SEO. Perform a broad keyword search, find the people who have bookmarked, and then contact them by going to their site. Providing them with your content can help to get your content to more people.

#3: Use Syndicated Content

You may not have the time or knowledge to write about all of the topics you want to share with people. Syndicated content can be a great way to provide more content and it can also help to drive more purchases. You are essentially “borrowing” what has already been written, giving them credit for it, and presenting it on your site. It can come from online publishers, social networks, blogs, and more. It may be the way to influence sales and engage more customers.

#4: Provide Content for Multiple Platforms

Your digital content marketing strategy also has to be built with new technology in mind. Not everyone is sitting at a laptop or desktop, accessing the internet. There are also many smartphones and tablets being used. Therefore, your content has to be written in such a way that it can be accessible from a Windows tablet, an iPhone, a Blackberry, and various other handheld devices. Without this being a thought in your strategy, people may be unable to view the content, which means that they are not able to connect to your business. Not having mobile content can also cause you to take a hit within the Google search engine.

#5: Write Mini Blogs for Social Media

When you load YouTube videos, you can write a mini blog for each of the descriptions. You can also write mini blogs throughout various other forms of social media, including Google+, LinkedIn and more. By doing this, you create more content and make it easier for people to find discussions that you have created and more information that will link people to you. Various keywords should be used in the mini blogs. Many of the social media platforms will rank higher automatically, allowing you to get the visibility you need.

It all comes down to having more content on the search engines, and content that is going to help you rank higher for SEO. It may take some time to develop more content for your blog and your website, but it will be worth it in the end. You can increase your business with our help. We provide insight to search marketing and you can receive a marketing guide to help take your small business to the next level. Digital content is everything in today’s day and age and if it’s being done wrong or not at all, it’s causing problems within your business.