What Does Duplicate Content Mean for SEO?

read expert advice about duplicate contentFor many small businesses, dealing with the problem of duplicate content has become an issue they come across more regularly than they have in the past. Duplicate content is effectively parts of content which is either identical in style or far too similar not to have at least some relevance.

Whilst this might worry some people that a similar topic could be construed as duplicate content, the margins are actually far more diverse. When it comes to search marketing and for your business, though, you need to be able to understand what duplicate content is going to mean for you.

The Best Practices for Duplicate Content

The first thing that you need to get your head around then is the fact that using duplicate content will severely hamper your business. If you have too much content on a web page there is a good chance that you might not even get ranked in the first place. This is a problem for those who have just been re-publishing and re-posting content from other popular pages and blogs; whilst you were giving them credit for the post, today Google is going to hit you pretty hard for doing this.

Therefore, when it comes to SEO for small businesses it’s best to re-create all of that content so it’s unique whilst still giving the credit to the website. Alternatively, we could create a small piece of unique commentary about that piece and then link back to it – this creates further discussion, and is a great tactic when it comes to SEO for small businesses.

We are creating traction with bigger websites, whilst also being able to give the website some much-needed unique content.

How Does Duplicate Content Affect SEO for Small Businesses?

Since you are just one of the fish in a spectacularly large pond, being able to harness and control the precedent set here is very difficult. The internet isn’t going to prioritize you or give you any kind of favors – if you break the rules, you will be punished. As a small business, you need your SEO strategy to stay consistent but also to stay within the rules. Failing to do so can see you getting anything from a low crawling time in the future (meaning you take longer to rank) or simply being unable to get a previously popular page ranking again in any way.

Remember, Google is purging all content these days that is deemed to have little to no value. You need to be unique and interesting, and not just copying and pasting what was said somewhere else. Your pages will now be determined individually and this means that your highest quality pages in terms of content stature will be the ones to rank highest.

How Can I Avoid This Problem?

We always need to be able to get the right kind of setup put in place to avoid this kind of situation – the best way to this, then, is to create a high-end solution that will ensure you have interesting and unique content to provide to your readers for many years to come. To do this, you have two options;

Create the content yourself – this is the preferred option as you know what people will want to hear about regarding your products or services. However, you need to balance this with the fact that you might not be a natural writer or you might not be someone who enjoys trying to take on this kind of creative work with regards to your business

If this is the case, then my friends at Digital Estate recommend that option two is considered; outsourcing. We regularly see the power of outsourcing for content as it saves time and costs a fraction of the price that can be made by a product if it’s got high-end content talking about it all across the web. This creates a far more authentic system moving forward, and will be sure to leave a website with far more quality and authenticity than it had previously

Can I Trust Online Writers?

Yes, most definitely.  Whilst we may need to look around to find someone who specializes in creating interesting and engaging articles that are not duplicate content, there are many trusted writers out there. online writers are usually trained in search marketing and typically handle SEO for small businesses very well – this ensures that content will be sharp and unique as well as capable of adhering to the various barriers that Google put in place.

Being able to get the right kind of management and growth within a websites SEO ranking is quite a challenge. Duplicate content will severely hamper search engine rankings and typically leave a business somewhat shortchanged moving forward. To get around this problem, it’s vital to be able to know;

  • What has to change
  • How to make these changes
  • Who to enlist when carrying the changes out

By having the right philosophy, a strong plan and talented outsourcers working with the website it becomes much easier to manage a business effectively. It also ensures that we don’t need to go down the route of losing our ranking so heavily.
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