Is PPC Right For My Business

paid-search-marketingPay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a bit of a complex medium for new businesses and startups to grasp. Often business owners go to a conference and hear so many acronyms (SEO, PPC, SEM) that they are overwhelmed. They are told that to be successful their business should be doing all of these things as well as engaging in about 10 different social media sites. If you have a small number of employees in your business, or if you are the only employee there are just not enough hours in the day to complete all of these tasks. Furthermore, trying to engage in all of these online mediums will likely leave you not doing any of them very well.

In reality some marketing and advertising mediums are right businesses at different stages and some really may not be that important. PPC advertising is certainly not exempt from that analogy. However, it is important for business owners to understand what PPC can really offer in relation to other marketing mediums. If you are unfamiliar with PPC advertising chances are you actually engage, or at least see these ads on a daily basis. Every time you do a search on Google or another Search engine you will see a series of text ads at the top or over at the side. These text ads are usually differentiated from the other normal search results in some way. Essentially these businesses are paying to have their products placed in front of people every time they search for a particular keyword. However, they will not actually have to pay anything until you click on their ad and get directed to their website. Not having to pay until you attract interest from someone makes PPC advertising unique to most other advertising mediums.

So when would PPC marketing be right for your business? There is of course going to be some people that argue that an investment in online marketing should be spent in content development and organic search growth rather than PPC. It certainly is indeed to invest in those areas, however that does not negate the need for PPC marketing as well. As a matter of fact PPC can actually help you spend less money and optimize your efforts with other marketing mediums. One way it can do this is by helping you test out what works and what doesn’t work. PPC offers you a lot of control and testing capabilities that SEO and other marketing mediums cannot. You can test different variations of headline copy with ad text to see which delivers the best response before putting a lot of investment in something that doesn’t work all that well.

PPC advertising can also be really great for new businesses and startups. The downside to SEO and growing organic rankings is that it can take a long time to start generating the traffic you would need to sustain your business. In many cases it can take several months or even years to start ranking well for some keywords. When you are just starting a new business you don’t have months or years to start generating sales, you need them right away. Launching a few well optimized PPC campaigns can get sales rolling in right away. It is also great for initial brand awareness and to get some new products in front of people. The greatest thing about Paid Search Advertising is that it puts your product in front of customers at a time they are able to take action. After all the name of the game in marketing is getting people to convert right. Another great advantage is that you can evaluate results and Return On Investment in close to real time. This also allows you to make instant optimizations as well. All online marketing mediums can offer great results, and understanding which medium to deploy at which time is imperative. Just make sure PPC is a part of your marketing mix toolset as well.